Spider Solitaire - Spider Solitaire Top

Spider-Solitaire. Spider Solitaire Top. Select the difficulty level of the spider solitaire game; easy, medium or hard, depending on whether you want to play with 1, 2 or all 4 suits from the deck of cards. This spider solitaire game does not provide you with any help, nor does it allow you to undo movements, nor does it score your game. Group the cards in descending order, from king to ace, until completing ladders of the same suit that will disappear from the board. The objective is to complete the 8 ladders of the suit and clear the card board. You can move the cards around the board by dragging them with the mouse pointer, one by one or by groups of consecutive cards as long as they are of the same suit. When the moves are exhausted, deal the cards from the deck that is in the lower right margin. You can only deal them if all the gaps on the board have at least one card.

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