Spider Solitaire - Golden Spider Solitaire

Spider-Solitaire. Golden Spider Solitaire. This classic spider solitaire game (now in html5) allows you to play with three levels of difficulty depending on whether you choose 1 suit from the deck (easy), 2 suits (medium) or the 4 suits (hard). Once you have started spider solitaire, you must arrange the cards on the board in descending order. You can move a single card or an ordered sequence of cards of the same suit. When you get a complete sequence of 13 cards of the same suit ordered from King to Ace, it will be removed from the board. To win the game you must get the 8 sequences that the two decks of cards allow you. Click on the bottom deck when you run out of moves and deal new cards. With the command ‘Undo’ you will be able to reverse the last movements.

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