Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Spider Solitaire Game Rules

Spider Solitaire must be played using two decks of cards. Decks can consist of one suit (Spider Solitaire Easy), two suits (Spider Solitaire Medium), or four different suits (Spider Solitaire Hard). The cards will be displayed aligned, randomly, on the board, in ten columns. All cards will appear face down except for the card located at the bottom of each column. Leftover cards from the initial deal will be stacked on the top or bottom of the board.

The objective of the Spider Solitaire game is to clear the board of cards, for which we must order them in descending order in each column, from king to ace. Once a column of cards of the same suit and in descending order has been arranged, it will automatically be stacked in the spaces reserved for it. Once 8 groups of cards of the same suit have each been stacked, the game will be considered over and we will have reached the goal. If we cannot make any more moves, we will click on the group of cards initially left over from the first deal and the game will deal a new row of cards. We can move the cards one by one or, in the case that in a column they are all of the same suit and ordered numerically, we can select them by clicking with the mouse to the one at the top and they will all automatically move to another position.