Spidersol Spider Solitaire

Spidersol spider solitaire has over 60 different spider games. Spidersol contains all of the popular spider games like spider and scorpion. Spidersol also offers several unique spider games including several three and four deck spider games. Spidersol offers the one suit and two suit versions of spider solitaire just like the ones that come with Microsoft's Windows ME and XP.

Spidersol Spider Solitaire Features

Spidersol offers a full range of powerful features. All the standard features are here including unlimited undo/redo, one click auto play, load/save game and auto game save. Each of the over 60 spider games are auto saved, not just the last one played.

Spidersol also offers several unique features. One example is an instant access feature that allows one to get to any point in a game instantly. Another example is that favorite games can be assigned to the toolbar for easy access. Also, when choosing a game to play, the games can be categorized by time, skill and chance of winning or any combination of these three attributes.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
640 by 480 resolution or higher
16 bit color or higher
Pentium 200 or higher
20 MB Hard Drive Space

Please make sure your system has the requirements needed to run Spidersol.

Benefits of Purchasing

Free card set add-ons.
Free card back add-on.
Free background add-on.
Free upgrades for an entire year.
Inexpensive upgrades forever.
Removal of the nag screen.
Removal of the purchase button.
Removal of 30 day time limit.
Technical support via email.

Spider solitaire card games Spidersol Spider Solitaire

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Spider solitaire
Spider solitaire

Spider solitaire
Spider Solitaire

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Spidersol Spider Solitaire
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