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Spider solitaire has become immensely popular the past few years due to the introduction of Spider Solitaire into Microsoft's Windows operating systems. The conventional version of spider solitaire uses all four suits and is very difficult to win. Microsoft solved this problem by making a medium two suit version and an easy one suit version of spider solitaire.  These two easier versions made spider solitaire the most popular solitaire game today. Spidersol spider Solitaire offers these games as well and over 60 other spider games. Spidersol also offers many powerful features not found in the Windows spider solitaire.

Ok, How do I get to play these games?

Simply download Spidersol Solitaire and install it on your computer.

Make sure your system has the requirements needed to play Spidersol.

Spidersol Spider Solitaire needs to be downloaded from our server to your computer. Before Spidersol can be played, it needs to be installed. Simply locate the file you downloaded and run it. After the install completes, you don't have to run the downloaded file again.  Look for the newly created shortcut in your start menu to play Spidersol.

Use this Support Tutorial for further information on downloading, installing and running our products.

Use this Download Tutorial to help in the download process.

Use this Install Tutorial to help in the installation process.

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