Spider Solitaire History

Spider solitaire 'The king of all solitaires', as it has been known as, is one of the most famous solitaire games ever invented. Spider got its name from the eight suit sequences which coincides with the eight legs of a spider.

The computer version of spider solitaire first showed up in the 98 Plus Pack by Microsoft that came with Windows 98. Microsoft Windows ME included spider solitaire without a separate purchase. This made spider solitaire very famous indeed among computer users and everyone has been playing spider solitaire ever since. This site offers a collection of over 60 different spider solitaire games.

Spider Solitaire Hints

The rules to spider and other spider solitaire games can be found here.

Try to get an empty space as soon as possible, as a space can contain any card or sequential group of cards. Use a space wisely to allow as many cards to be arranged in suit order as possible. Try avoid putting a king on a space, as it cannot be moved unless a full 13 card sequence is created and then discarded.

Spider solitaire requires that moves be planned ahead. Don't just make the first move immediately available. Try to plan moves that allow the most cards as possible to be arranged in suit order, as this allows these cards to be moved as a unit making further plays more flexible.

Try to expose hidden cards whenever possible, as they are of no use covered up and can often lead to a new series of moves. This also allows the possibility of a new space being created. If two spaces exist at the same time, rearranging cards becomes much easier and can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game.

Build sequences starting with the highest cards first. Once low cards are covered with a lower different suit, they are locked out of play until uncovered. Also keep in mind that an ace cannot be built upon.

Make sure all possible moves and arrangements have been completed before dealing a new set of ten cards. Once these new cards are dealt, all cards beneath are now no longer available for play until uncovered.

Spider Solitaire Facts

Spider solitaire can usually only be won one out of ten times, however, experts can win one out of three games. A perfect spider player should be able to half of the games played.

Spider solitaire comes in three flavors. The easiest involves allowing sequences to be moved regardless of suit. The second easiest allows moving sequences in opposite color and the hardest only allows moving sequences in suit.

Franklin D. Roosevelt liked spider solitaire so much he claimed it as his favorite solitaire game.

Spider solitaire has dozens of variations. Two common variations are allowing free cells to store cards and another is to allow kings to be built on aces.

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