Hello spider solitaire fanatic,

If you have come here to find Spider Solitaire, then you have made a very good choice. This site offers everything a solitaire fanatic could possibly want, need or know about spider card games.

Here you can find a collection of over 60 different spider games, a free spider game, a full set of rules for spider games and so much more.

This site offers a free spider game, Free Spider Solitaire. If one game isn't enough try Spidersol with over 60 spider games. Give Spidersol a 'spin' for 30 days and if you like it, Spidersol Spider Solitaire Card Games can be purchased on a secure server. Both games can be downloaded for free.

Spidersol offers a full set of powerful features. Among them is a one click auto play feature to make game play easy and fun. Spidersol spider solitaire games also offers unlimited undo/redo, auto save and an option to save your place if a tough choice of moves comes along. This is only a small sample of Spidersol Solitaire's many features.

Be sure to check out the rules and information sections as well. All the rules in Spidersol spider solitaire can be found here as well as links to various solitaire sites and other valuable information about spider.

Enjoy your stay and have fun playing spider solitaire!


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Spidersol spider solitaire has over 60 spider games.

Play over 60 different spider solitaire card games.

Click here for the easier one suit or two suit versions of spider solitaire like the one that comes with Windows.
Spider solitaire card games

Spider Solitaire


Spider solitaire
Spider solitaire

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Spider solitaire
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